A - Drive Air S.R.L. provides an automatic payment procedure on its website which uses the external platform called PayPal, through which the Purchaser will proceed with the balance of the purchase order, using the PayPal account data. If the Buyer does not have a PayPal account, he will still be able to use the payment service offered; in this case the Buyer will use the information relating to his credit / debit card (by way of example and not limited to: type, number and expiry date of the card and any other codes) during the payment procedure proposed through the PayPal circuit.

B - In order to protect its Customers, Drive Air S.R.L. announces that it will never have access to the Buyer's credit / debit card data, used during the payment phase; these data are used exclusively by banking institutions in order to complete the economic transaction.

C - Drive Air S.R.L. reminds that if problems occur during the PayPal automatic payment procedure on the website, the Buyer can use the e-mail address to communicate of the payment made directly on the website, indicating your name and surname and the order number.

Bank transfer in advance

A - The Purchaser may select, by completing the order, the payment by advance bank transfer which must be made using the following payment details:
Drive Air S.R.L.
IBAN: IT92Z0200821515000040944092
Via Lepanto 9 ang. Via Valentini – 59100 Prato ITALY
Reason: order number, name and surname of the buyer.

B - If the Purchaser's credit institution requests additional charges to carry out this type of transaction, these cannot be in any way attributable to Drive Air S.R.L.; the Customer is therefore recommended to inquire beforehand at his credit institution in order to check any costs for making this type of payment.

C - Payment must be made within 2 days of the order. The timing may be different only for companies that have stipulated different commercial agreements and conditions with Drive Air S.R.L. which include different payment times.

Cash on delivery

A - The proposed method of payment has a cost fixed of the entire amount of the order equal to € 6,00 and is available only for the Italian territory. If the customer opts for this type of payment during the purchase phase, Drive Air S.R.L. communicates that the balance of the order must be executed exclusively in cash in Euro to the courier in charge of delivery. The Customer must necessarily obtain the exact amount indicated during the purchase phase and recognizes that the courier in charge of the delivery usually does not have cash left over.

B - Other types of payment other than that indicated, such as, by way of example and not limited to, bank or circular checks are not accepted. In this regard, the courier is not authorized to collect any payment other than cash.

C - In case of non-payment by the Purchaser of the sum agreed in the order, for any reason or cause, or in case of non-acceptance of the shipment or of its non-collection, Drive Air S.R.L. will invite the Customer to settle the balance, subject to any further action. Until the Customer has regularized his debt position with Drive Air S.R.L., the latter reserves the right to cancel any subsequent deliveries of products, to resolve any Purchase Agreements and, in the last resort, to block the functions of purchase through the website, without prejudice to compensation for any further damage.


If the Customer opts for one of the two payment methods indicated as Bank Transfer, PayPal, Drive Air S.R.L., he communicates that the balance of the order reserved, must be executed within a maximum of 2 days from the date of transmission of the purchase order. Once this period has elapsed and the non-payment of the sum agreed upon during the purchase has been ascertained, Drive Air S.R.L. will contact the Purchaser requesting the balance of the order; if the Customer is not available and / or does not pay the amount due, Drive Air S.R.L. will cancel the order by communicating this decision to the Customer, also reserving the right to cancel any subsequent deliveries of products, of resolve any Purchase Agreements and ultimately block purchase functions through the website
Drive Air S.R.L. reminds that the goods will be entrusted to the courier for delivery to the final customer, following the credit check of the order balance.

The payment methods indicated in this section may be subject to changes which will be active from the moment of publication on the website