Detachable hoses line

Detachable hoses main feature is the quick coupling to delivery system, just equipping it with a simple female connector.

Our DETACHABLE HOSES are available for all instruments usually installed on dental units (turbines, electric micromotors both traditional and brushless, ultrasonic scalers, curing lights, intraoral cameras, syringes). Besides they are fully customizable for nut's shape, lengths and female connector's configuration.

Some good reasons for choosing DETACHABLE HOSES

  • Possibilty of interchanging the position of instruments on delivery system
  • Complete adaptability to any type of machine: dental units both Continental and Internation system, cart, portable dental units, laboratory workbenches, dental workbenches for teaching.
  • Reduction of time for first installation
  • Easier replacement of the hose during servicing
  • Possibility of a better cleaning of the hose
  • Frequently required in public tenders